"I love this game" - what others say about us


''Kids and staff love Speedminton®! All have been in-serviced and equipment is regularly being used in sport sessions. Have seen huge skill improvement since we started doing speed badminton."

Katheryn Perks - Parkfield Primary School WA


''It's going great. Kids are loving it!''

Nathan De Bruyn- Mundaring Christian College WA


'' ... it seems to be a better way to teach racquet skills as the average rally lasts longer than a tennis rally.''

Chris Zielinski- Shelford Girls' Grammar School VIC


"....all the kids enjoyed it, and more importantly I love it!"

Adam Sargent-Wilson- Figtree High School NSW


"Speed Badminton is a fast and high energy game that is easy to learn. It gets students moving for the entire class and can be used in conjunction with tennis and badminton, and no net lets you play just about anywhere."

Erich Tipperts, P.E. Teacher


"Speedminton®, is a great new product that every physical education program, elementary to high school should consider. The racquets are much more durable and easier to use than badminton racquets. The game is easy to set up and fun to play on any surface without the need of a net."

Dennis Stand, P.E. Teachers educator


"It is fun and it´s nice that the wind doesn´t blow the speeder all over the place. I intend to teach speed badminton in my P.E. classes in the same unit than badminton. When the weather is nice we will be outside playing Speedminton®, when it is poor weather we will be in the gym playing badminton. I like having the flexibility to use the same type of game both outside and inside."

Ulf Heinrich, P.E. Teacher


"I love the game. It is quick, fun and flexible. It does not need the gym facilities for success. Also, I love that it is a new family game to be introduced at family get togethers. Anything is better than television and computers."

Claudia Paul, P.E. Teacher


"Speedminton® is quick to set up and can be taken along in the back of the car. There are no net and poles to set up just outline border markers. It´s truly a fun game that you can get addicted to very quickly."

Lisa Kieser, P.E. Teacher


"Speedminton® will be an outstanding edition to any P.E. program. Besides giving each student the chance to develop there hand-eye coordination, this game allows you the opportunity to be outside and not need a large gym in order to get all of your students to be involved."

David Stübing, P.E. Teacher


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